E.L. James (boz əlli çalarları)

  • Avtor yazıçı
  • Doğulduğu yer və tarix: 1963 Böyük Britaniya
  • İl: AZN17,797,654.00
  • Ay: AZN1,483,137.83
  • Həftə: AZN342,262.58
  • Gündüz: AZN68,452.52
E.L. James (boz əlli çalarları)

Forbes 2018-12: $10.5 million Forbes 2017: $11.5 million Forbes Sept 2014: $10 million Forbes June 2013: $95 million DailyMail June 2012: E.L.James's salary is an estimate for this year. Her book "Fifty Shades of Grey" is grossing over $1 million (approximately £862,069) every week since last week. Just one month ago the sales total was 16 million. James has also just been paid $5m (£3.2m) from Universal/Focus Features for the film rights to the trilogy, so it really has been quite some year.


Update: 2019-1