Volodymyr Zelensky

  • Prezident - Ukrayna
  • Doğulduğu yer və tarix: 1978 Ukrayna
  • İl: AZN23,343.00
  • Ay: AZN1,945.25
  • Həftə: AZN448.90
  • Gündüz: AZN89.78
Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukranews 2019: "The wages of the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko for February 2019 are calculated in the amount of official salary - UAH 28 000. Other components of wages (bonuses, bonuses, etc.) are not set by the President of Ukraine," Pravda 2019: Vladimir Zelensky declared 2017 7 million hryvnias of income for 2017, and his wife about 800 thousand hryvnias. In the bank, Zelensky holds 434 thousand dollars (mainly in the Privatbank in Latvia), 132 euros and 1.2 million hryvnias.


Update: 2019-5